Black to Blonde…. Why must it be so hard?!

We have all just wanted a change in our life. This completely includes a new look to feel like a completely different person. Blonde to black… why is it so hard?

Truth is, blonde being a level 10 and black being a level 1 are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. To pull so much pigment out in one sitting without damage is near impossible. But, why? Our stylist have said its simply because of the chemicals that are put on the hair to achieve that desired look have to sit on the hair for it to develop. Depending on how much chemical processing you’ve done in the past will effect that too! Say, for instance you’ve been dying your hair black with box dye the last 10 years. Your stylist will have to remove all of that pigment and build up! Yes, color does build up on the hair and depending on how much you’ve done it will determine how long it will take to be at your desired hair color level. The longer the chemical sits on your hair and the higher the developer is will determine the condition of your hair after the service.

Its totally understandable that you want it at that moment for that big “WOW” factor from all your friends and family but, trust me its better to do it slow and steady over a course of a few sessions with your stylist then to have fried blonde hair or potentially no hair at all.


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