Essential skin products you must have!

A lot of people swear by using drugstore brands, not using anything, or professional. In any case these are the most important products you should have for your skin!

1. A cleanser – this product cleanses the skin from makeup, dirt, oil, etc. Some cleansers come for specific skin types such as acne, dry, normal, hyperpigmented, etc.

2. A serum – serums typically target your struggles such as dry skin, acne, or aging skin. Its a great middle product to use before using a night or day moisturizer.

3. A day moisturizer – THIS MUST CONTAIN AN SPF! Try Image Skin Care’s Prevention moisturizers, they come in matte, tinted and normal. It doesn’t feel heavy and can be completely warn by itself!

4. A night moisturizer – Again, this can target your skin struggles but, even be a little stronger. Some highly active ingredients dont mesh very well with the sun. Sleep it over and by the morning your one day closer to having better looking skin.

If your interested in diving head first into the skin care world there are even more products to add to your daily regime. Spot treatments, under eye treatments, lip treatments – you name it! All of these are super important but, if I had to choose those would be the most important. What do you think?

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