Tips to rid those pesky split ends

Just when we think our hair is at a balance we start to notice frizzy ends and our hair becomes completely unmanageable. “Can’t i just keep my hair feeling like i just got it cut?” Well sure! If you do absolutely nothing to it. There are products out there that will help! I can’t stress enough how important it is to always use a heat protector when styling. This is one of the top causes to breakage and split ends aside from chemical damage (Hair coloring and beaching).

Hot styling tools are hundreds of degrees. Sure, your hair is durable enough to withstand a generous amount of heat but, over time it will cause a grave amount of damage that isn’t repairable if its not protected. Heat protectors serve as a barrier between your hair and the heat – so, when your styling its essentially burning the product instead of your hair. If your one that is already struggling with split ends go have them trimmed a bit by your local stylist. There are products out there that temporally fix the problem and prevent it from splitting up the hair completely. My personal favorite is Split End Seal by Oribe ($48). They say that their specific product has long term repair if its used frequently. If you are truly desperate need i have a simple trick that i do between hair cuts if needed.

After the shower, with towel dry hair twist small section of hair and just slightly trim ONLY the hair that sticks out of the twist. Follow with your favorite heat protector and style like normal. This trick is only trimming up the split ends and not the length of your hair. This however is not in place of a regular trim at the salon.

Last but not least…. always allow a licensed professional chemically alter your hair. Their goal is to get you where you want to be but, getting you there in a safe manor. I’m sure you’ve seen, heard or even experienced damaged hair – split ends galore. Even from doing it with your professional its possible to experience this. If so LET THEM KNOW. They will have a remedy for you, specific to the need of your hair.

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