Top 5 Rated Hairsprays you should try thats easy on the bank

EVERYONE should have a hairspray. Maybe to add a litte texture or keep your hair in place for that fabulous blowout you just did. Great product usually had a price to pay but, these are quite a bargain!  These are our top favorite hair sprays you should definatly have thats easy on the bank:

  1. Unite’s Maxcontrol Hairspray ($27) – Max out your style and hold it in place with this hairspray. This strong hold 300ml spray will last you for days, which is why this is our TOP product!
  2. Oribe’s Freestyler Hairspray ($42) – Do you like a lot of play but max hold? Say no more to crunchy stiff hair and hello beach wave-movable godess! The price is a little scary but, trust me a little goes a LONG WAY.  Bonus: The smell is so amazing its unlike anything you’ve ever smelt…. SERIOUSLY.
  3. R&Co’s Vicious Strong Hold Hairspray ($29) – Viciously strong and will keep you from even flying in tthe wild with an incredible scent.
  4. Nicolas’s Holdit ($16) – Freeze that hair in place and expect it to be the same after a day at work. This hairspray freezes your hair and keeps it in place!
  5. Ion’s Keratin Flex Finish Spray ($9) – Sodium Chloride and Sulfate free light hairspray is great for damaged or chemically treated hair that needs a little hold for their style.
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