Lash/Brow Enhancement serums.. is it for you?

All of us strive to have the fullest of lashes and brows, after all it is a current trend! What a lot of clients don’t realize is these products promote growth to ALREADY existing hair follicles.

Did you over pluck and cant seem to get hair growing back in where it use to? Or you have sparse lashes that just aren’t the fullest they once use to be? In some unfortunate circumstances you may have even waxed too much of your brows or pulled half of your lashes out using a eyelash curler. These are perfect scenarios for people to use enhancement serums, again its for people to gain what they have lost but, it was naturally there to begin with. Sometimes depending on the product you purchase and what exactly you are aiming for, it could increase the density of the hair you already have feeling like there are more hairs growing. When you start to use products such as this is stops your lash/brow hair from being in a cycle. a cycle of which consists of growing, maintaining, then falling out to start all over again. Some enhancement products stops that third step so, by the time you decide to stop using it the hairs will fall off and make you think horribly about the product itself. You wont be bald by any means but it defiantly wont feel as thick as it once did.

Best recommendation? If you invest in a product like this BE CONSISTANT. Consistency will effect your end result dramatically. if your not consistent, skip completely! Have your favorite brow stylist teach you how to make your brows fuller and put on fake lashes. Don’t have time? Ask about microblading or eyelash extensions so you don’t even have to worry about it!

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