Beauty blender VS Brush

Which one should you use?! Honestly i believe it depends on your skin and how long you want to spend on blending.

I defiantly agree that the beauty blender is a universal tool for the beauty industry. You dont need multiple, you can use on different colors such as contouring or just using for a basic application of foundation. Usually with brushes they have different ones for different applications – the different shapes really promote specific acts such as concealing, foundation, bronzing, highlight, etc.

Using a brush i feel like you definitely get a little more coverage but, it can tend to turn out cakey if not fully blended. A pat  motion usually helps with that after distributing across the skin.

Sponge blenders have  tendency to soak up more product while blending so you will have to use a little more product if your are going for a full overage look. Blending tends to be a lot easier if the sponge is slightly damp. If you are doing a full face this will be more time consuming than using a brush to blend.

Personally i like using a combination of both. Why? The application doesn’t take as long and the blending is flawless. Applying with a brush not to complete perfection then going over with the beauty blender.

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