Tips to Hair Extensions

We all see that one model in a magazine and think.. “wow i wish i had her hair”. You most certainly can! Most people dont have that long thick beautiful flowing hair and if they do, they have been blessed by the hair gods. Most people either rock what they have, cut their hair to achieve thicker looking hair or get hair extensions.

There are multiple types of extensions people get – in my opinion the most common is clip-ins. Clip-ins aren’t nearly as expensive as going to your favorite hair girl and getting your whole head full of extensions. Though, people struggle with putting them in correctly. If you can see your track your not blending it right and everyone will know you have extensions. If your getting tape-ins, fusion, braid-ins, etc. your professional will blend them like no ones business and its just your job to maintain them. Here are some tips and tricks that apply to all hair extension types:

  1. Give them a good wash at-least once a week. By doing this you are preventing product build up and giving yourself a all around clean set of hair to work with either its semi-permanent or just clip ins. Make sure they are extension friendly. There are specific shampoo and conditioners out there that aren’t loaded with harsh parabens that will kill they hair. Unite Hair products are a highly recommended brand for this.
  2. ALWAYS USE A DETANGLER/LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER. This will not only keep them in good condition but, prevent you from taking hair completely out of the track causing thinning.
  3. Trims. Getting them trimmed like normal hair is so important because like real hair if you get split ends they will travel up the hair and create further damage.
  4. If you heat style (straighten or curl) ALWAYS use a heat protector – because there isn’t natural scalp oils moisturizing causing the hair that’s no attached to your hair way more variable to getting split ends and breakage.
  5. Hair masks/ hot oil treatments. Again since its real hair you have to treat it as such. This will just maintain the heath of your extensions.
  6. If they get too frizzy and unmanageable try using a keratin straightening treatment. If that’s scary ask your professional hair stylist! This treatment basically smoothes out the cuticle and closes everything back up again for about 6-8 weeks.  This treatment provides loads of shine and life back into your extensions.
  7. If they are seriously past the point of no return. Get rid of them and start fresh. This means the hair is just trashed – split ends, breakage, no shine, frizzy, poofy-mess, keratin treatment isn’t getting the job done anymore.
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