Magnetic Lashes?

So, you may have heard about the newest craze in false lashes. The no mess, no glue, reusable, magnetic eyelashes. Some are going as far as calling them a “game-changer” but since we first heard about the new product, we have been skeptical. I mean, how strong are the magnets? What if one of them falls off mid-day and attaches itself to your nose ring? Talk about humiliating! What about the sets with only one magnet in the center of the strip? We all know how irritating it can be when one of your lashes begins to lift in the corners of your eyes.. so. We dove into the new world of magnetic lashes to find all of the important, must-know information so that you don’t have to!

First, there are all kinds of different companies who are producing magnetic lashes. The price ranges from $20.00 for one set of lashes, to $70 for two sets. We quickly discovered that a company by the name of onetwo cosmetics was the most reputable, as well as being the most expensive. They come in a pack of 2 sets, which is 8 strips total. Each eye needs a lower set and an upper set, all of which are labeled on the magnetic box.

Upon further research, we found that most reviews were similar. Many beauty bloggers stated that the lashes were extremely hard to use and getting them placed was more challenging than they had anticipated. Perhaps they’re just so competent when applying lashes with glue, that getting used to a new technique is frustrating. It seems as though women who aren’t make-up experts are getting the hang of it with a little more ease.

I guess there is no easy answer to the question “are magnetic lashes right for me?” because it all depends on the user. One thing that we know for sure? We cant wait to try them out for ourselves!

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