New Eyebrow Trends

We forever strive to have the perfect brows. I feel as if Instagram brows are going to be forever a thing. Some people desire natural looking brows with more added in strokes to make it appear like their own vs the completely shaded in Instagram eyebrow trend.

Some other trends that i find to be kind of unusual have made there way to social media. It’s the feather brow. The goal with that one is to create a part down the middle and spread our your eyebrow hairs into the shape of a feather. Another is a braided brow, which is basically drawing in your brows to make it appear as if its braided.

Other trends that we see are different colored brows, blonde brows (Kim K style), and putting shapes in them even at the tail ,end of the brow. Recently, we have seen the “wiggle” brow on Instagram and Twitter. Most people are photo-shopping this but others are trying to achieve it with Dip Brow by Anastasia. Where the brow looks like a wiggle line (exactly that). Maybe, that’s not what they call it however, it looks like that to me!

I myself are more of the Instagram brow look. Sometimes, even a natural look. Ive never tried these trends but, have you?

Comment below on what your thoughts are on each trend. If you have ever tried it and what you thought!

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