Which cleanser is best for you?

Image Skin Care. One of the best cosmesutical skin care lines on the market! High in active ingredients to battle those problematic skin types and simply help with other common problems such as dryness, acne and aging. Check out the list below of all their cleansers and see which one is best for you. All cleansers are $28 each!

  1. Ormedic Cleanser – This cleanser is an all around everyday cleanser for any skin type. Its a PH balancing cleanser that balances out the PH of the skin creating a less toxic environment for bacteria to harbor in the skin causing congestion or acne.  Great for sensitive skin that needs a good cleansing.
  2. Clear Cell Cleanser – This cleanser is made with salicylic acid. The key ingredient to resolving acne prone skin. It specifically kills the bacteria that create acne lesions on the skin. Can be a little drying to the skin so you’ll want to either switch off between the Ormedic cleanser or get a good moisturizer!
  3. Vital C Cleanser – This cream cleanser is a hydrating boost of vitamin c! Loaded with antioxidants, it gentle cleanses the skin. Its great for rosacea and dry skin types.
  4. Intense Lightening Cleanser – This milk cleanser is an oil based cleanser that battles against hyperpigmentation. It contains plant stem cells to battle against aging and biotanical lightening agents to lighten dark spots.
  5. Ageless Cleanser – Great for someone looking for a deep clean along with a bit of a tingle. This glycolic acid based cleanser will battle aging! It will remove makeup, exfoliate and tones all in one use! Great for aging skin, normal skin or problematic skin types. This cleanser can also be drying so use a great moisturizer or switch off to a different cleanser.
  6. The Max Cleanser – This plant stem cell based cleanser nourishes the skin and helps protect against environmental pollutants. Its acid, sulfate, and paraben free! Great for sensitive skin types and aging skin types.

So, which one is your favorite? Mine personally is the Ageless cleanser. Comment below and let us know! Stop by today to grab a sample!

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