Hair extensions, eyelash extensions and now… nose hair extensions?

There’s a new beauty trend that is sweeping social media. Something that we NEVER thought we’d see. While we are familiar with extensions being used to accentuate our hair and lashes, why would anyone want to add extensions to hair that most people try to trim or wax so that it’s not visible?

While there aren’t any extensions available specifically for nose hairs, beauty bloggers have found a way to easily add some length to those nostril hairs. How? Simply by taking band false eyelashes and connecting the ends together to make something that resembles a spider. The little circle of hairs is then glued to the inside of the nostril so that the curled hairs follow the shape of your nose.

We aren’t exactly sure why this craze suddenly went viral. From our understanding, the blogger who began it all did it as a joke and wasn’t expecting it to catch on like it did. We aren’t sure we can get behind this trend, how about you? Check it out for yourself! #nosehairextensions

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