Hair brushes here, hair brushes there, hair brushes everywhere! Which brushes are used for what?!

There are so many different kinds of brushes out there these days. Round brushes, paddle brushes, vented brushes, boar bristle brushes, metal brushes.. here’s a quick guide to what brush you should be using to get the results you want!

Paddle Brush : Great for smoothing, straightening and blow drying to get some of the moisture out of your hair. Paddle brushes are great for getting that sleek and shiny look.

Round Brush : Round brushes are amazing for creating the perfect blowout. They create volume, they smooth the hair and they provide some curl. The bigger the round brush, the more volume!

Metal Round Brush : These are great for getting that perfect, voluminous curl. Because the metal heats up, the brush itself acts as a curling wand.

Boar Bristle Brush : The perfect brush for smoothing out your finished hair do, for accomplishing a perfectly smooth pony, or giving yourself dandruff/buildup removing scalp treatment.

Vented Brush : These brushes are great for a quick blowdry because they allow the air to flow through all of the hair strands.


While we didn’t cover all of the types of brushes, this is a good start!


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