Sunscreen during the winter? Why?

Do you do activities during the winter months? Such as ski, snowboard, or ice skate? YOU STILL NEED SUNSCREEN!


As the world turns on its axes and is further away from the sun it effects the weather. However, it does NOT effect UVA/UVB rays that penetrate the earth. You are still at risk for hyperpigmentation or skin cancer during the cold season. What they say is absolutely true – even when its cloudy the rays still penetrate through, EVEN IN WINTER. Study’s have found that wearing sunscreen is a year long commitment if you’ll be even stepping a foot outside to protect your skin. A 15 SPF or higher is always recommended. Especially, for those areas of the skin that are always exposed that we forget about. Such as our hands, feet, and neck. If you wear a super cute off the shoulder sweater make sure to apply sunscreen to those bare shoulders too!

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