Its almost gift giving time!!

Need ideas for Christmas gifts? Are you a glam gal getting gifts for others? This post is for you!

Skin Care: Getting a basic cleanser and SPF is great for EVERYONE, even men! Images Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser ($28) and any of Images Prevention SPF line would be good.

Hair Care: Shampoo and conditioner is always my first go too. Everyone uses it! The tricky part is just picking the right one. Go with anything moisturizing. Especially if you live in Nevada because its so dry here. Oribes Signature shampoo and conditioner ($42 each) or even Unites 7 Second shampoo and conditioner ($27 and $29). If you know their hair type and the problems they struggle with go for the product that specifically addresses that. For example: Frizzy hair, color fading, dry ends, chemical damage, etc.

Make-up: Mascara is a really good one to go for. Usually people just use black and want something that is voluminous and doesn’t flake/smudge. If you’re concerned about that, best bet is to go to Ulta and get that person a gift-card!

Gift cards are a great gift for everyone even especially if your not super close with that person. There is nothing better than getting an all expenses paid trip…… to the beauty salon!!

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