Why do ALL blondes need this product?

If your not a natural blonde the struggle to keep those brassy tones away is seriously real! Even natural blondes sometimes struggle with it especially if they are icy.

Hair-care lines often offer a shampoo and (sometimes) conditioner specifically for blondes only. Depending on the line it could be heavily concentrated. Its always best to ask your hair-care professional for information about the type of line and how often to use it. Some are formulated for everyday use, where as some are formulated for once a week only. Blonde specific shampoo and conditioner are made of purple pigment. Basically hair toner in a bottle that battles those unwanted brassy, yellow tones. Like I mentioned previously ask your professional how often to use it because if you use it too much you’ll end up with lavender hair (unless that’s what your going for).

Most Purple shampoos also have other benefits for blondes like a protein that helps with damage because if bleaching/lightening. This product WILL NOT work on dark hair. Its not hair-color. It just changes the tone of lighter hair. Anything darker than a 7 on the hair-color scale will not benefit from this type of product.

So why should blondes have a purple shampoo? Well, it helps keep its amazing tone between sessions with your hair stylist. Plus, maintaining your blonde locks helps your stylist out quite a bit and keeps them looking as fresh as when you stepped out of the salon! We retail both a daily and a weekly purple shampoo! Unite Hair care offers your most concentrated, where as Oribe offers a daily (less concentrated) shampoo and conditioner.

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