Self tanner at home tips & tricks to a beautiful tan!

Cancer is on the rise and is a major concern to tan in the sun these days. Whether its in a tanning bed or at the beach the UVA/UVB exposure has proved deadly over the years causing skin cancer. Spray tanning was created my professionals to give their clients that beautiful tan glowing skin with out the risk of getting cancer. When spray tanning first started out it was a concern that you would be “orange” like an Oompa Loompa. Today, professionals have updated ingredients to get the best glowing tan with NO orange! All celebs pretty much get spray tanned. That’s $40 dollars plus every single time you go though. Spray tans only last 7-10 days max. So, self tanners were created to help woman at home get that glowing tan without completely breaking the bank. HOWEVER, self tanners are similar to hair care products. The better quality, the better results. So, if you just go buy the cheapest self tanner from Walmart you can the chances of you not turning orange are slim. Better quality self tanners have higher quality ingredients and better pigments. You have many options to choose from shade wise – its just a matter of trial and error to find one that best suits you. My favorite right now is St Tropez which ranges in cost anywhere between $25-65 dollars per bottle. That may not seem like a lot considering you get multiple uses in the bottle which come out to the same cost as one spray tan by a professional however, adding up the cost every month or so if your constant can get costly. BUT SO WORTH IT! St. Moriz is its knock off for a much cheaper price at $12-20 dollars. Its good quality for the price but, coming from a high-end self tanner you will notice a difference. For instance, for me it cracks rather quickly if your not constantly using lotion to hydarate. The color is okay – its base it green so it gives an olive tone but, a little difficult to match if you dont apply to your face. For me i was applying a lot more and spending as much in upkeep than to just purchase one bottle of St Tropez. When using self tanner at home its so important to shave and exfoliate before applying so you get an even coat. If you dont it will come out streaky and spotchy. Always, Always, Always use lotion on your dry spots before applying. This includes your elbows, knees, hands, and ankles. The pigment of the self tanner will develop extremely fast in these places making it appear darker. Moisture in between applications to prevent cracking of the tan!



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